Once again I cry

Found out that ex-boyfriend switched his profile pic on the website we met on. And I saw a photo of him kissing another girl. Less than two months since we broke up. Life is fucking hilarious at times, isn’t it? Fuck. And now going on vacay with his fam in two week.
Also, might be a little bit alcoholic, but I blame that on my unstable mind.

Sound weird, eh? It is. It fucking is. And I hate the rain in Shanghai. It’s unbelieve. I long for global warming and dry spell. Boom!

Taxi. Shanghai. Off to Dada. 

You should be satisfied, it is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I work in advertising (sometimes fun, sometimes awful). I’d expected export-import types to earn more, actually. Where in SH are you hoping to live? Are you still on the mainland now?

Well, I’m not going to make ridic money but its a decent starting salary in Europe which goes a long way in SH. French hopefully. Got my eyes on an apt around Anfu Lu (just because of the proximity to Feidan and the street bbq around the corner on Wulumuqi) but all the decent ones get snatched so quickly. You? Nope, still in Europe. How is it working with advertisement in Shanghai? You work in all Chinese company or mixed? 

Excellent! Local salaries are the worst. I finally got a promotion and department switch that’s landed me solidly over the 一万 mark, but even that is pretty low tbh. What industry? P.S. I don’t think I said hi before, so HI I LIKE YOUR URL.

Yeah, my previous job was ridiculously low-paid, hence me quitting. Export-import. You? Haha, HI nice to meet you. I thought so myself, I was very satisfied when I came up with it. 


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